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Lectures in English

2022: Local stressors amplify the dire consequences of global warming to coral reefs

Presented by: Yossi Loya

Venue: COP27, Sharem el Sheikh

Date: November 11, 2022


Presented by: Tal Amit

Venue: Porter school for environmental studies

Date: January 2021

2020: Mesophotic coral bleaching

Presented by: Or Ben-Zvi

Venue: RCUK 2020

Date: December 10th, 2020

2010: Multiple sex change in mushroom corals

Presented by: Yossi Loya  

Venue: Australian Academy of Sciences: Symposium at the ARC Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies Australia; Canberra

Lectures in Hebrew

May 2022 - Yossi's 80th Birthday

Arranged by by: Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Venue: 5 generations of coral reef research in Eilat's coral reefs

February 2021: 50 years of research on the state of the coral reefs of Eilat

Presented by: Yossi Loya

Venue: The history of nature conservation in Israel and future challenges

June 2021: The ocean pollution problem in the Gulf of Eilat 

בעיות זיהום הים בנפט לנוכח ההסכמים2021   

האחרונים עם חברת קצא"א  

Presented by: Yossi Loya

Venue: World Ocean Day lectures at the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History 


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